Yonex racquet Astrox 99 Game (Cherry Sunburst) 4U

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Intermediate Range Badminton Racquet 

The Astrox 99 GAME is suggested for intermediate level badminton players. The materials and technologies in-built into the frame is crafted specifically for regular intermediate level badminton players.

Attacking Racquet with Yonex's Rotational Generator System 

This is an attacking badminton racquet. Despite being positioned in the mid range, the Astrox 99 GAME has Yonex's Rotational Generator system technology to assist you in greater recovery and control on your shots. 

High End Materials

The Astrox 99 Game also features some high end materials and technologies brought over from its Professional series, the Astrox 99 PRO. 

It features the Volume Cut Resin, which is a special material that helps achieve the improved hybrid systems of the badminton racquet. 

Another feature is the special grommet strip positioned at the top of the frame, which helps increase the swing weight of the racquet, as well as to accommodate the hybrid mechanism of the racquet.