Alpha Badminton Centre

Alpha Badminton consists of 13 BWF Badminton courts, suitable for your casual family fun to kids' training to intense competitive badminton plays.

Click below for our reservation link and experience the difference at Alpha Badminton Centre.

Alpha Badminton Pro-shop

Alpha Badminton Pro shop provides professional gear for all levels of players.

With the top and latest brands in the badminton world, our pro-shop is the badminton haven for all badminton enthusiasts.

Alpha Academy

Up your badminton skills, learn badminton like you are ready to kill!

From kids to adults, our academy provides experienced badminton coaches dedicated to cater for your badminton learning path.

Alpha Academy provides all kinds of badmintion coaching from private training to group training sessions.

All levels are welcome!

Alpha Tea

Feeling peckish? Fuel up at Alpha Tea so you can be in your best form on the courts! Alpha Tea is open to cater for your feed before and after your badminton plays!

From all kinds of coffees, bubble teas, ice teas to all kinds of snacks and hot noodles, Alpha Tea is built for your need.

Alpha Badminton Centre

Unit 47/2 Slough Avenue, Silverwater NSW 2128

Mon - Fri, 9am - 11pm
Saturday - 7am - 11pm
Sunday - 8am - 11pm