Yonex Badminton Shoes 65Z (White Tiger)

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Kento Momota (World no.1) Competition Shoes

Currently worn by Kento Momota of Japan. The White Tiger theme of the Yonex Power Cushion 65 Z shoes is exclusive to Kento Momota on the world tour.

New Outsole Pattern 

The 2022 addition to this classic model features a new sole pattern which not only adds extra grip to your shoes, but also increases your traction for movements in all direction. 

All New Power Cushion Plus

This top of the range Power Cushion 65 Z is equipped with the latest Power Cushion Plus. This is a new technology from Yonex designed to cater for the increasing speed in the game of badminton. Compared with the conventional Power Cushion insole, the NEW Power Cushion plus is lab tested to increase shock absorption by 25% and footwork repulsion by 12%.

Comfortable All Round Shoe

The Power Cushion 65Z takes into account your comfort while playing badminton. It is designed to be soft at the upper area and reduces stress at the side of your feet. 

Manufacturer Description

New POWER CUSHION + construction enables a new level of fast and light footwork


Upper Material: P.U. Leather

Midsole: ToughBrid Light, Solid E.V.A., Power Graphite Sheet, Power Cushion +

Outsole: Rubber