Lining Badminton Racquet Force AX90 MAX Tiger (4U)

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Li-Ning Axforce 90 Tiger Max is a premium badminton racket for those who love to unleash their attack strategy in full force. This ballistic racket has a head-heavy profile and dons a slim middle flexible shaft of 6.2 mm. The racket’s performance is further enhanced by the technical features of Li-Ning patented technologies – Wing Stabilizer, Box Wing Frame, HDF Shock Absorption, FRTP Technology. This is a 3U racket offering a string tension of up to 31 Lbs.

Player Type: Attacking
Player Level: Professional
Balance: Head Heavy
Shaft Flexibility: Medium
Racket Grip Size: G5
Maximum Racket Tension: ≤ 31 lbs (pounds)
Frame Material: Carbon Fibre (M50+ Super Carbon)
Weight: 3U(88g)/4u(83g)
Frame Shape: Dynamic Optimum Frame
Shaft Thickness(mm): 6.2
Technologies: FRTP Technology, M50+ Super Carbon, Stabilized Elastic Shaft