Li Ning Badminton Racquet Aeronaut 9000C

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Strong Control with Power & Speed

Aeronaut series (Strong Control) is designed to be the best control frame with no sacrifice in power and speed

Air resistance

Is designed at the bottom of the head frame for reducing air resistance. Aeronaut head frame is more like a box frame that provides more control and stability. With this technology reducing the drag it allows the racquet to have a smoother swing. With quicker swing speed it can generate faster shutter speed.

New designed Shaft (Mid body of racquet)

The new design on the racquet shaft developed greater flexibility and elasticity that enhanced in power and accuracy in shots. 

Designed for Control & Aggressive Styles of Play

Aeronaut 9000 Combat is a head heavy racket suitable for strong and aggressive players with no loss of control.


Material: Military Grade Carbon Fiber

Weight: 88 grams 

Grip Size: S2 (Extra Small)

Balance Point: 298 mm (Head Balance)

Flexibility: Medium

Max tension: 32 lbs