Li-Ning Badminton Racket Tectonic 7

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Enhance Speed & Power

The Li Ning Tectonic is the newest series (Superior Repulsion) designed with latest technologies that enhance both speed and power. 

This time Li Ning has worked together with Toray company from Japan which specialized in carbon fibre materials that is commonly seen in racquets. 

New High-strength & High-Elastic Graphite designed by Toray

This is the new graphite material put into the Tectonic head frame at 5 and 7o’clock position. The racquet's frame bends when a player swings it at high speed. This new technology provides better strength and stability on the head frame allowing a faster rebound, when the frame rebounds quicker the power is greater (quicker snapback).

Designed For Attacking Players

Tectonic 7 has a medium feel on the shaft and balanced weight frame (all rounder). This racquet is suitable for attacking style players yet would also like to have control.